Friday, December 12, 2014


We live in a world so caught in technology. Everyone walks around with a phone either gluded to their hands, eyes trained on their device, not looking up. Granted, I am guilty of this, big time. And who is to blame all of us who want to stay connected. Maybe, some of use feel safer with our phones on us, being able to use it as an escape to a world where we can hide behind a piece of glass and a keyboard, carrying on electric conversations with people who could be 2 feet, 2 miles, 200 miles, or whatever away. Gone is the world where people actually picked up the phone and now is the time where nobody wants to talk on the phone and carry on an actual conversation with people. Now, it is about checking our Twitter or Facebook feeds to see what other people are up to, maybe jealously wishing that we could take away the social awkwardness and actually go have fun adventures like seen on Facebook feeds. There are times where I just want to disconnect, but I have gotten so accustomed to having the safety net of my phone that I can't seem to get rid of it. We have just become a super connected society and that most likely won't change anytime soon.

I recently read an article online that said that teenagers are going to have serious back problems when they get older. Scratch that, they are starting to have back problems now. Because teenagers spend so much time looking down at their phones, it is putting a strain on their necks. That also is affecting their posture, being hunched over their phones/tables/computers. Even I have noticed that my back and neck are pretty sore, so I've been trying to limit my technology use, or even try to sit up straighter, but old habits die hard. The thing is, the habit of being hunched over isn't even that old. Maybe four or five years old, but just doing it repeatedly for that many years can make it hard to change. At this rate, who's to say that we won't be looking like cavemen, walking with our knuckles dragging on the ground? The picture showing evolution could look like a mirror image of itself one day, with man slowly starting to resort back to cavemen.

So here's to the future. Who knows what the future holds? We could end up seeing how connected to technology we are and try and fix that, or we could become so reliant on it, more so than we are now, that we become fat, useless, society members who sit around and video chat each other, just like the people of Wall-E. Let's hope it doesn't get to that point.