Sunday, January 3, 2010


Welcome to the new year! We have all survived another year. 2009 was a great year but, 2010 might be better. Everyone always makes new year resolutions like "I'm going on a diet" but they get bigger or "I am going to spend more time with family'" and end up never leaving the side of the computer or comfort of their couch. This year if you are making a resolution then make one that you can reach like get to work out by going for a weekly bike ride so then you can lose weight and go for a bike ride with your family. Another easy resolution is to keep the TV turned off so you can tune into the news that is most important, the news of your family. You can gain lots of information about your family by just listening to them. Listening to your kids is very helpful when it comes to school. If you take time to listen to the kids then they might say something useful that could help you with their assignments at school. Another resolution is to stop worrying about what the future holds. 2012 doesn't mean the world is going to end. Global warming may be killing our world and you may complain but, you are the person who is killing it. Why do you have to drive to pick up your kid from school when they go to school within a reasonable walking distance and if it is a nice day ride your bike to pick up the lottery tickets from the closest 7-11? Have you ever heard that a little goes a long way? Well instead of using 12 pounds of goop in your hair every day why not use a half of a half of a pound so you don't have to throw away a bottle of hair spray and gel a week.

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