Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I just finished this really awesome book series called Christy Miller. Man, that is one of those books where you have to spend every waking minute on it even though you don't want to finish the book. At the end of the very last book it ends very well, but I wish the author would continue the story. The author did come out with a spin off called the Katie Weldon series and the Sierra Jensen series. They are both friends of Christy from Christy Miller. The Christy Miller is one of those books that makes you taste what she tastes, see what she sees and all the other sense. It even makes you want to curl up in bed and just cry when Christy cries about something. Once you finish though I wanted to throw the book against the wall because of how it ended. But then I realized that the Katie Weldon series continues after Christy but from Katie's view, not Christy's. If you need a good book to read then I highly suggest it!

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